The Power of Your Mind: A Mental Health Series

The thing about brain injuries is that they are far more than what meets the eye–or in reality, they are more than what doesn’t meet the eye. Traumatic brain injuries are called the “invisible” injury for a reason. The physical, emotional, and mental pain, often times, can not be seen with the naked eye. It is for this reason, that people often believe that brain injuries are not that severe when compared to other injuries. No one can truly understand what goes on inside the mind of a person with a brain injury unless they have actually walked in their footsteps. Brain injuries are life-changing. Brain injuries are debilitating. Brain injuries can make you make question your very existence. They are serious and mental health plays a major role in recovery.

It is because of the seriousness of mental health, that I have decided to create this series that focuses specifically on maintaining a positive mindset, while also spreading awareness about what really goes on inside the mind of one with a traumatic brain injury. This is series will be split up in three-parts that will go over the three main mental strains that I experienced during my own recovery: depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Following each blog post, will be a podcast of the same topic! You can expect a new topic to be posted every two weeks!

So lets go! Happy Healing!

Overcoming Anxiety

Here I share my own battle with anxiety and how I overcame it!

Overcoming Depression

Take a look into how I fought and overcame my own depressive symptoms.