How to Feed a Brain


How to Feed a Brain is a great book for those looking to know and understand what foods can help and promote brain injury recovery. The author, Cavin, goes into in-depth analysis and instruction on how to structure your diet to assist in brain injury recovery. He includes multiple charts, recipes, and worksheets to help you to make practical adjustments to your diet. A must-read for those battling and seeking to overcome their brain injuries.



Want to optimize your brain function? This book teaches you about specific brain-supporting nutrients, how these nutrients affect us, and what we can eat to support our brain function. The author is a survivor of a severe traumatic brain injury that left him comatose with less than a 10% chance of regaining consciousness beyond a vegetative state. In this book, he shares real-life stories of how he used nutrition in his own brain recovery, along with scientific studies and research explaining why and how nutrition makes such a difference in our brain function. The book includes downloads to printable charts, lists, and user-friendly handouts to take to the grocery store or put on the refrigerator so that readers can easily apply what they learn to optimally feed their brains. Special sections provide instructions for supplementation and tube feeding. After sustaining his severe injury, the author devoted years to researching and connecting with doctors, nutritionists, practitioners, neuroscientists, and more to learn how to optimize brain recovery and function. How to Feed a Brain is the culmination of the nutritional tools that he has learned through this journey and used in his own recovery. This book is not only for someone with a brain injury or disease, but also for anyone seeking to improve their brain. Ready to get started? This book will give you the nutritional tools to optimize your brain function.


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