I Know… Series

As I thought about the direction that I wanted to take ConcussionBeGone in the new year and all that I wanted to accomplish and do in order to help you all in your recoveries this year. I went back to why I created this platform; which was to help those with brain injuries find resources and a community to recover properly. And so, I have decided to dedicate this first month of the year to a series called “I Know…”, this series is all about helping you find the right treatments, attitudes/mindset, as well as other people in order to recover.

The first two weeks are called “I Know My Treatments”, in which I share podcasts and blog posts to help you find the right treatments to recover. The third week’s theme is called “I Know Survivors” in which I share stories of traumatic brain injury survivors through podcasts and blog posts. And lastly, the last week’s theme will be called “I Know Myself”, in which we go through how you can be more aware of yourself in body and mind through your recovery. I am so excited to kick off this series, and I hope that it is helpful to you!

I Know… My Treatments!

Learn about the various treatments that may be helpful in your TBI recovery!

I Know… Survivors

Tune in and listen to the stories of two traumatic brain injury survivors who have overcome their injuries!