Issa Myth! – 5 Misconceptions About Concussions

Concussion injuries are one area of study that still has a lot of question marks. Meaning, there is a lot of things that doctors and the people simply just do not know about traumatic brain injuries. This can give rise to many misconceptions about the injury. Let’s look at just 5 misconceptions of traumatic brain injuries that I think are important to discuss and rule out.

“A concussion can’t be caused by whiplash”

Only someone who’s never had a concussion would come up with this. YES, you most definitely can receive a concussion from whiplash or any quick force to the head. You do not have to be struck in the head in order to receive a brain injury, but instead can be caused by any type of violent shaking of the head. Clear this misconception up by reading “What is a Concussion?” here!

“Prolonged concussion pain is psychological”

After a while and my symptoms continued to persist for about 5 months, my mother asked my doctor, “Do you think that Nicole’s pain could be psychological?”. I remember being extremely hurt by her question, how could she question that my pain was all just made up in my head. The pain is real and is not just something you are hallucinating about or making up. I validate you and I believe your pain, prolonged concussion symptoms are not just made up, they are real and your pain is real.

“Post-concussion syndrome will never go away”

I have seen a lot of people say that once you develop post-concussion syndrome, you should just accept the “new normal”. To say that there is no hope and you can not reduce your symptoms or have a normal life again is just not true. For some it may be the case, but is NOT the case for all. Post-concussion syndrome can go away and it can be healed completely, if treated correctly. It is a lie to say that post-concussion can not be resolved once it develops, I and many others stand as a witness. Don’t give up! Read “Exercise to Recovery” for more on one of the ways that I overcame PCS for good!

“You should continue to rest and wait after developing post-concussion syndrome”

This is a very controversial topic at the moment and currently being debated by doctors across the world. Is rest really the answer to curing post-concussion syndrome? Personally, I do not think so, concussion recovery is ACTIVE and not passive, I say this so many times, because I think it is so important. Concussion recovery is going to vestibular therapy, ocular therapy, physical therapy, exercising, eating correctly, meditating, and so so much more. You can not just sit and wait and expect for your post-concussion syndrome to just go away. It is so much more than that. Read “When Post Concussion Syndrome Develops” for more.

“Your concussion is only mild.”

This hits home for me and is the reason why I believe that the classification of brain injuries, though can be important, is a bit misleading. The word mild means gentle in nature and behavior, according to the Merriam-Weber dictionary. Ok, my “mild”, my gentle in nature and behavior concussion lasted eight months, gave me chronic headache, nausea, terrible light sensitivity, and so many more complications. In all honesty, the word “mild” in order to describe brain injuries is misleading. Our brains are important, or brains are… a big deal! Any and every blow to the head is serious! We’re talking about the organ that allows all bodily functions to work! This is serious and its time that doctors and physicaly trainers emphasize this to their patients. Its not just a head injury.

“I am alone” (Did I say 5? I meant 6)

THIS IS THE BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION OF THEM ALL! I think when you are recovering from a brain injury you can become so isolated, which can cause depression and other negative emotions to develop. But, this is simply not true. You are not alone and your symptoms are not unique to only you. There are millions of people going through the same struggles as you, and there’s people right here on ConcussionBeGone going through the same struggles as you too! You are NOT alone and you are being supported and loved by a group of people who know exactly what you are going through. Join one of ConcussionBeGone’s Support Groups right here(;

So in conclusion, yes you can receive a concussion from whiplash, no your pain is not psychological, yes PCS can resolve completely, no your concussion is not just mild, and NO you are NOT alone!

Happy Healing Everybody(: