Tune into the first part of the three-part “I Know…” series. In this episode, we will detail all of the many treatments that may be helpful to you in your brain injury recovery!
Tune into a discussion with Dr. Joshua Flowers of Revive Centers about TBI treatments and the vast number of therapies that Revive Centers’ offers.
Tune in and listen to ConcussionBeGone’s 7 tips to surviving the holidays this season!
During my brain injury recovery, I would often contemplate suicide, especially following a setback. If you have ever contemplated suicide, this post is for you.
Learn how I dealt and strove to overcome anxiety!
Depression was one symptom that I dealt with for a long time during my brain injury recovery. Learn how I coped and overcame!
Headaches were one of the worser symptoms that I had to face during my concussion recovery. Learn how I dealt and coped with them during my eight month recovery!
Interested in knowing what happens to your brain on the cellular level, when a concussion occurs? Tune in here!
Tune in and listen to my personal concussion story here!

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